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Certified Fun!

Tens of thousands of students answer questions in Sumdog contests every day to push their schools to the top of the leaderboard. We want to recognise this achievement:

All students that play in a local or national contest from tomorrow (26th April) until the end of May will be awarded a certificate of achievement for download.


This is not just any certificate. It will include details of the student’s progress over the past academic year - how many questions they’ve answered, how many they got right and what their strongest topics are. Great to give to students and parents.

To join a local or national contest so your students can get this certificate, click here.

If you’ve got a Sumdog teacher account and your students have played in one of these contests, click here to download your student’s certificates!

Sumdog Down Under

Even though we’re a UK company, we’re running contests all around the world. Let’s check in with our antipodean cousins…


All Saints Catholic Primary School in Sydney won the most recent Australian national contest - this is what Christopher Walsh had to say:

Our Year 4 students [age 9-10] were all drawn towards Sumdog from their first contact. When the National Competition element was introduced to them, I think that I can safely say that all students in the grade were excited, and took part whenever the opportunity arose.

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Motivated, challenged and competitive

Jacqui Johnson from Eureka Primary School had an amazing time in the recent Derbyshire contest:image

The children in my Learning Team (Ecologists) at Eureka Primary School in Derbyshire have found Sumdog very addictive. The contests have been a real added bonus too - all the children have felt motivated, challenged and competitive - all of them without exception have improved their mental maths knowledge and pace. To have won the Derbyshire contest really gave the children and the school as a whole a buzz…

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Who else is up for the challenge?

Antony Mitchell from Christ the King Catholic Primary School in Blackpool got in touch with us to tell us how their contest went - and how they won:

Wow - What a week. At CTK we have been having a Sumdog competition whereby we open the classroom up from 8am for a whole week. Children are also allowed on computers during lunch and breaktimes. We decided to do this to ensure everyone that wants to compete has the opportunity, whether they have Internet access at home or not…

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"Great to see how motivated the pupils were"

Catherine Casburn from Pilmuir Primary contacted us last month to tell us this:

Thank you, I’ve just downloaded the certificates for our school - that was the first time we’ve participated and it was great to see how motivated the pupils were to take part and also to see the leaderboard each day.

It’s not necessarily the pupils we might expect that found
their way onto the leaderboard. We won our daily certificate on a weekend, which shows just how motivated the pupils were throughout!

The students at Pilmuir Primary answered 27,521 between them - and amazing achievement. Congratulations to them!

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